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1999-11-01 17:18:35+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

So this Microsoft anti-Linux propaganda page has been floating around. Ignoring the outright lies, let's go to the total cost of ownership study they cite. In a Scary Devil Monastery post, Timothy J. Miller pointed out:

Did you read the TCO survey they cited? Some interesting facts buried inside:

  • They compare sites running Compaq servers to sites running SPARCs.
  • They admit that the SPARC installations had:
    • 57% bigger databases on average,
    • More sites running enterprise applications,
    • More sites running web applications,
    • Nearly *double* the simultaneous sessions count (NT:98 v. Solaris:168),
    • and over double the page hits per <mumble> (NT:~1400 v. Solaris:~3400).

So for a 37% reduction in cost, you get a 50% reduction in capability.

Someone explain how this is a "win" for M$, please.

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