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2013-05-20 12:09:23.05395+00 by meuon 1 comments

While replacing radiator in my truck yesterday, I ended up making a special wrench to remove the lower transmission cooler line easier. I ground the profile down so it would clear plastic mounting nubs around the fitting. Then I cut off the handle and welded it it at a 45 degree angle about in inch from the head. I'm sure there is a special socket/wrench doohicky at the Ford factory that does the same thing.

While doing this on a Sunday afternoon, grinding away, I was musing about the recent arguments about 3D printers, intellectual property, design, patent, copyright, "printing" guns and anything/everything else.

What I briefly laughed at was the idea of a constitutional amendment. Something like:

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom to create, build, modify, tune, tinker any device or intellectual property withing our possession and ability.

Once upon a time, such a thing may have been possible. We are Americans and part of our culture and history has been the ability to create, improve (and sometimes destroy) "things" and "ideas".

I think it's going to end up more like:

SHOP TAX PAID and LICENSE GRANTED: 2013-05-01 # 910181816211 for 30 days, for the tools and equipment located at _________ until the next inspection due by 2013-06-15 to ensure no illegal items were manufactured, original manufacturer intellectual property rights violated, copyrighted designs copied or modified without the original owners permission....

Please log all tool and equipment use, consumables used in your logbook. Photographs of any item produced or modified with an estimated value over $20 USD required.

Consider using our "Global License" program, simple install one or more (depending on the size and layout of your shop) cameras and reduce the need for monthly visits and audits.

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#Comment Re: made: 2013-05-20 15:10:17.263263+00 by: Dan Lyke

Well worth reading Boing Boing: Patent lawyers: Help! The evil Makers won't let us apply for bullshit 3D printing patents!

The rent-seekers are doing all they can to shut down innovation and creativity.