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2013-12-31 17:48:44.617682+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments


My growing disaffection with "the Internet of Things" transcends that I no longer trust all of the devices around me, and extends into them also requiring a hell of a lot of additional cognitive load. A friend on Facebook recently listed all the devices in his life currently screaming about firmware updates, and between his car, assorted kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, lighting... it was a pretty huge list of things that aren't offering that much convenience in return.

And I think this extends to other computing. I've been pondering recently that in the decades since I shipped my first app we have all sorts of frameworks and resources that, in theory, should help us ship that app faster, but those frameworks add cognitive load in ways that don't necessarily make it easier for us to deploy applications. Sure, we don't have to do our own windowing occlusion calculations or rebuild our own B-Trees, but that just means we end up debugging weird driver code or problems in additional abstraction layers or just end up shipping with bad JavaScript interactions (hellooo, Facebook).

There's a philosophical shift here that we're on the verge of, that I think can be a good thing. Maybe the whole NSA has pwned your tech world realization can help be a catalyst towards some of those shifts.

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