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America's Cup whining

2014-01-26 17:55:54.347663+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

SF losing ground in race to host America's Cup:

Russell Coutts, the CEO of America's Cup champion Oracle Team USA, told the Associated Press on Saturday that sailing officials are talking with other venues about hosting the 35th America's Cup in August 2017 because San Francisco officials haven't offered the same terms that they did for last summer's regatta, which ended with the American syndicate staging one of the greatest comebacks in sports.

Emphasis mine. Uh. Yeah: This is probably because San Francisco wisened up and isn't wanting to subsidize a bunch of billionaires playing with their toys (and courtroom squabbles) to the tune of millions of dollars again.

Dear Mr. Couts: Something something screen door something your ass something the way out.

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