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G+ rant OTD

2014-02-27 18:37:58.11717+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Over on Facebook, Tara made a comment about Google Plus, she meant Places, but I went off on G+ and figured I should put that rant here so I could get to it later:

Well, of course you have two Google Plus listings. You probably have more than that because you can't sneeze around an email address without creating yet another stupid Google Plus account. That friends will then put in their circles, and you'll put in their circles, and they'll put in your circles, and so on until you've circled yourself fourteen times because they've... yeah...

I didn't know you could mark one as a duplicate, but really I don't want to do that, I just don't want to have all of these freakin' Google+ profiles!

But, yeah, if you're Google? I assume that like most of us you've decided that Google+ is just annoying and awful and the best thing you can do is to make your profile as confusing and awful as possible as a lesson to the Google+ developers to fix their freakin' gawdawful notions of identity and connection and all that crap that they get horribly wrong.

Because Google+: architected by a guy whose ideas he couldn't sell to Microsoft.

And, so, yeah, apparently that false hope of "mark as duplicate" is really for Places, and if you're a Google+ user you're still basically...

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