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Amazon rocked

2014-05-13 12:26:43.261357+00 by meuon 1 comments

I bought 2 SubC Tabbed NiMH 3800mAh batteries via Amazon.com yesterday to replace some in a device. I paid a little extra to go through Amazon rather than some electronics specialty house directly because it was easy and reasonable secure. Today I got a refund of roughly half of my shipping costs (2.09) because I bought 2. Pleasantly surprised.

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#Comment Re: made: 2014-05-13 16:43:52.096885+00 by: Dan Lyke

Dave has commented a couple of times that he prefers Amazon 'cause the clerks are so much friendlier than at retail stores, but...

As much as I want to hold off the coming of the megaretailer that will be the gatekeeper for the delivery of products in the future, I'm really having trouble not buying from them. It's just so much easier to say "oh, yeah, exactly that is what I want to buy, and it'll be sitting on my front door step on Thursday" rather than stopping in the store on my way home, finding an clerk, waiting in line for that clerk to be available, watching while they look up the product in a paper catalog (and, inevitably, having to point out "there it is, that one, they really do carry it"), having the clerk tell me it'll be a week or so and they'll call me when it comes in when I can go repeat the entire process.

Speaking of which, I need to suck it up and accept that I'm not going to be able to get a battery for my GPS logger from any local vendor and order a new one for it. I'll try to get it from NewEgg first, because I like their IP policies better, but...