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2014-06-10 17:53:25.440733+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

So London's property values are skyrocketing in a way that makes the San Francisco Bay Area's home prices look downright sedate. Because of this, people are finding new and innovative ways to create additional real estate, including driving small diggers into basements and digging out additional sub levels. Turns out it's cheaper to just bury the thing than to crane it back out after the basement is dug.

JWZ's headline was "Some day I will reactivate my Killdozer Army", but I got to thinking...

In the climax of Terry Pratchett[Wiki]'s excellent exploration of currency, Making Money[Wiki], SPOILER ALERT! the protagonist Moist von Lipwig tells a huge army of golems to bury themselves and wait unused, in order to back the value of the money he's printing. I see a parallel...

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