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operational pgp

2014-09-02 19:26:35.883713+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

operational pgp. So you're already using one laptop solely for email, with only vetted open source software on it, and you want to know how to minimize your risk in using encrypted email? Start here.

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#Comment Re: made: 2014-09-02 21:40:32.804356+00 by: Jack William Bell

And, right there, is why even people like myself who completely understand the risks and the technologies don't bother: it's too much work for everyday communications.

If I was doing something illegal I might go through that much effort. Most likely I would go to even more effort and do things like use TOR from open wifi points far from my normal locations. But I am not doing anything wrong and I don't bother hiding my rather humdrum existance from the snoopers.

All that said? We all ought to be doing this stuff. Every single woman, man, and dog on the Internet ought to be going through all the hoops required to create real privacy in the data spaces we spend so much time in. For the principle of it, if nothing else.

But we won't. Not until the tools are made easier to use. And, if they were, would you trust them? I'm not sure I would. And, as I said, I'm someone who understands the risks and the technologies.