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Racism OTD

2014-11-07 23:06:29.845021+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Pointergate may be the most racist news story of 2014 over states the case a little bit, mostly because holy crap, we have Ferguson Missouri this year. But it's your moment of cultural relevance today (more on Pointergate at MeFi), and then...

I know nothing about the Twitter account @TheBlackGuyX, but someone mentioned this series of tweets in conjunction with Pointergate, and I seriously hope there are some big-ass lawsuits in the works:

> From the depths of my heart ... I unapologetically hate police officers ...

> One of our male students was arrested this morning ... Because he looked like a criminal ...

> So ... we don't allow our students to come in to the building if they're late (even a minute) ... so they usually run to beat the time

> This morning one of students ran several blocks to school because he was "running" late

> he's young Black and has locs ... That's what a criminal looks like to police ...

> He ran and got into the school and immediately went to the directors office ....

> The cops ... about 20 ran through the school looking for him like monkeys out of a zoo ... As if this was a drug bust in a trap house

> They got to the director's office, barged in and slammed the student on the table ... So much for having this school as his safe haven

> Me and the director are yelling telling the officers to relax and ease up ... They took him out of the office and slammed him on the wall ..

> At this point it's beyond excessive ... They pat him down and found nothing so thy said they're taking him in for running

> we're trying to explain that he may have been running because he wanted to come to school ... they yelled bullshit ...

> So all we could do is try to keep the student calm while they take him away ...

> what's more is that they had another student who was running with him & she was screaming & crying to me "I was just tryna get here!"

> they let her out of the after traumatizing her for about 30 minutes but they took the other student in cuffs ..

> I couldn't hold back the tears ... Those images ... him being slammed on the director's desk in front of the director and I ...

> My fuckin head hurts ...

> He ran from the police to get to a safe space which was school ... but they the cops didn't care about that they had a black boy to arrest

> He was arrested for running RT @Nisi_Can: @TheBlackGuyX my gosh. What happened to the male student in the end?

According to the tweet stream, the kid has now been released, but holy crap: This is not how police should be doing community relations.

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#Comment Re: Racism OTD made: 2014-11-08 00:49:04.842644+00 by: Larry Burton

There are some truly good police departments out there and then there are these asshats. I just wish that the good ones didn't have to suffer from the publicity of the bad ones because the bad ones really need to be drug through the dirt.