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Functional Programming Patterns

2014-12-01 21:13:28.671594+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

If you don't know that monoids are endomorphisms, and that a monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, it's worth reading Functional Programming Patterns (BuildStuff'14) slide deck.

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#Comment Re: Functional Programming Patterns made: 2014-12-03 19:19:31.883495+00 by: meuon

Why was he using my code for the FUGLY examples ;)

#Comment Re: Functional Programming Patterns made: 2014-12-03 19:54:39.251064+00 by: Dan Lyke


I'm just impressed that this is the best explanation of monads, monoids and endofunctors I've seen, along with stretching my brain about how I can better use the procedural languages I currently plod along with.