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Org Credentials Mgmt

2015-01-12 00:03:46.465684+00 by meuon 1 comments

At , scale of systems with important credentials to keep track of is becoming an issue. I've been doing this very very old school, keeping an encrypted text file on one internal system for a master list, updating and printing out a couple paper copies for sharing. I don't want this file being shared. My personal ability to memorize credentials is astounding, even to me. But the quantity of systems to manage and credentials for them is becoming large enough to consider doing it some other ways. I've spent much of today updating credentials and systems getting ready for a personnel change, and updating the master file.

What do ya'll use to manage credentials on scores of mission critical systems each with different passwords?

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#Comment Re: Org Credentials Mgmt made: 2015-01-12 17:28:31.195217+00 by: Dan Lyke

Work has a database that has all of that stuff, but us guys who don't physically access the boxes just use SSH keys. If my desktop workstation is compromised, there's root on a sh*load of places, so I do need to admin that fairly closely.

There's a master control system which determines whose SSH keys get pushed to which devices for which user names.

I'm also using git-crypt for passing around personal passwords, but I'm having a bit of "which machines do I trust enough to decrypt that file on" angst.