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Burning Bubba

2015-05-18 01:11:18.495043+00 by meuon 1 comments

[BurningBubba] Dan invited me to Burning Man in 2002.. which reverted me to a former self buried deep inside. Been several times since, each time is very different. Since 2002, I've been trying to tweak the local status quo even more. We just had a great event, on East Main Street, just down from the old "Virtual Building", an Art Car Fire Ball, with Art Cars from all over, and a metal file scultpture made by Conrad, Andrew and some help from me. If you look closely, that's me at the controls, making fire dance to the music (techno/trance/electro-swing and funk) creating and soaking up an awesome vibe with kewl people. At some point, I teared up a little, remembering the black hole that part of my life had been and was thankful of friends like Dan, Clem, Dave and many others that tweaked my status quo, lighting my fire again.

Thanks Dan. I'm trying to pass it on....

(note: photo by Alan Miller, one of the Art Car crowd and interesting guy)

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#Comment Re: Burning Bubba made: 2015-05-18 13:30:28.969211+00 by: Dan Lyke

Excellent! I'm starting to see the activity in Petaluma ramping up.on Two years ago I built a boat on-site at Rivertown Revival, and a whole lot of the art that shows up there ends up going to Burning Man.