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virtual presence ban

2015-07-27 23:21:07.664935+00 by Dan Lyke 6 comments

Hologram Performance by Chief Keef Is Shut Down by Police.

The surprise appearance of Chief Keef at Craze Fest, a hip-hop festival in Hammond, about 25 miles outside of Chicago, was scheduled after a series of canceled hologram performances by the rapper, born Keith Cozart. Last weekend, a Chicago theater called off a similar show after representatives for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office deemed Chief Keef “an unacceptable role model,” whose music “promotes violence” and whose presence via hologram “posed a significant public safety risk.”


Via http://www.researchbuzz.com/

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2015-07-28 01:28:30.958974+00 by: Jack William Bell [edit history]

I assume the 'hologram' in question was either a Pepper's Ghost illusion or Keef was actually going to be there in person and they called it a 'hologram' to give him plausible deniability about being in Illinois.

In any case, we still don't have the technology to create a real holographic display that could be used in a performance. Given the way holograms work, the idea is laughable.

#Comment Re: virtual presence ban made: 2015-07-28 15:36:56.226607+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yeah, most likely the Pepper's Ghost thing. I didn't think it worth rephrasing the article, but I did find the politics of "we're not going to allow this TV broadcast to be shown publicly" interesting... I hope this gets legal challenges.

#Comment Re: virtual presence ban made: 2015-07-29 04:36:19.89572+00 by: Jack William Bell

I guess I understood where you were going with this. But I couldn't help being pedantic.

I blame 'Engineer Genes'.

#Comment Re: virtual presence ban made: 2015-07-29 05:44:21.783347+00 by: Dan Lyke

It's always good to get a reminder that although we're living in the future, we're not yet living in that future!

#Comment Re: virtual presence ban made: 2015-07-29 05:50:13.083295+00 by: Jack William Bell

Just as well. The future of that future features people undergoing dangerous and expensive surgery to get their implants removed.

#Comment Re: virtual presence ban made: 2015-07-29 13:29:46.44464+00 by: Larry Burton

I can understand a municipality banning the physical presence of a person, judges in Georgia can legally ban people from a county, but I don't see where a municipality has the authority to ban a "hologram" or "Pepper's Ghost" of a person from a municipality. I would think that would be protected speech.