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2000-04-07 21:10:57+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

During and after the Seattle WTO protests I read various journals and talked to assorted people who had been involved, from residents and downtown workers to tear-gassed outside agitators. Afterwards I was pointed to http://www.indymedia.com when I'd asked for elaboration on the hows and whys and whats from various people, and I was sorely disappointed because it seemed like the tales of a testosterone charged mob rather than the glimmerings of thoughtfulness that I'd picked up from others. The folks of Monkey Fist have set up an April 16th Web Log to cover the up-coming protests of the IMF and World Bank policies in D.C. I'm still dubious about the politics of the protesters, but I think they deserve better than the treatment they got by both the mainstream and the alternative press during the Seattle incidents.

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:29:54+00 by: kendall

Thanks for the pointer, Dan. The thing that gets me is people who think they are dubious about the politics of the protesters, but then they can't tell you what those politics are. Not you, mind, since you've clearly done some research here (though I never get the whiff of testosterone you seem to get when I'm around people who participate in these protests; they are by and large very respectful, peace-loving folks.) Anyway, thanks for the pointer.