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2000-04-23 01:44:07+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Interesting look at the movie "The Lifestyle" and swinging. Schisgall's research revealed that every state but North Dakota has a group sex club. Robert McGinley, president of the Lifestyles organization and one of the film's subjects, estimates that North America has at least 3 million swingers: "So it's enough," he says in the film, speaking from his office in Anaheim, "that if they all thought alike and all voted together, hey, we would elect a president." Considering how many of them live in Orange County, they already have. though they also may have helped to keep a Democrat in office. As Schisgall later tells me, "I showed the film to Pat Cadell [former Carter pollster and advisor, and a backer of the short-lived Warren Beatty presidential bandwagon] and afterward he said to me, 'This explains why Bill Clinton didn't get impeached.'"

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:29:55+00 by: other_todd

Dan may already be on his way out of town and therefore hasn't read my comments on this article over in mouth organ. (I got it from someone else and didn't check Flutterby until today.) One of the more interesting things about the article, to me, is not the comments on the nation's sexual life but the comments on what "normal" is. Schisgall thinks these folks are trying desperately to escape the stigma of normality. I say that if enough of them are trying to escape, then the definitions are wrong to begin with.