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2000-06-24 00:54:07+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Dave Winer: "For twenty years I've been waiting for Microsoft to take an interest in developing tools for people who think." I'm not sure that an outliner is indeed the proper mode for dealing with the interface, but the subtext here is very worth imbibing. Along these lines, I'm gonna meet up with Carl of Civilution tomorrow to talk, and something he said spurred me to believing very strongly that we need a replacement for HTML. It can be implemented in XML, but it needs to be a single dialect that's got a complete enough set of semantic tags that everyone wants to use it, otherwise we're doomed to incompatible namespace hell. There will still be some context browsing necessary, but we need enough data that browsers can let us easily transfer web page schedules into our calendars, and cross-index book and movie indexes with our personal databases.

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