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A personal note

2000-06-28 16:31:26+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Deep breath. Long, slow inhale. Long exhale, with sound; a prolonged sigh. It's been a bit frantic around here, late last week we were trying to corral resources for a rush job; Saturday I panicked further on that 'til we determined that we didn't have access to those resources, then I drove down to Sunnyvale to chat with Carl (had to send email from the road and borrow Carl's phone when I got there), and came screaming back up here for dinner with Catherine; Sunday the Scotch Night crowd went hiking in western Marin, wonderful views, incredible songbirds, , but it went longer than expected, and in the evening I did prep work for Tuesday; Charlene convinced me to take Monday totally off (except for an hour coordinating Tuesday), which was great, except that I wasn't quite as prepared for one bit of yesterday as I'd have liked; yesterday a team from Coyote Grits was on-site 'til 21:00, after which I came home to finish up some software and upload it to the client by the start of business today. So I was up at 5:30 this morning firing emails all over wearing my "Windows Developer" hat, my "Perl Coder" hat, and my "Unix Sysadmin" hat, and trying to pass some management sorts of information around. Luckily it feels like Coyote Grits[Wiki] is really starting to come together as a company, rather than a couple o' yahoos with keyboards, I realize this probably won't reduce my workload any, but it might make me a little less panicked about it.

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