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2000-08-25 20:47:11+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I don't know why I've been so reluctant to track the whole Napster thing, perhaps because everyone else has been doing it so well, but I'm also trying to figure out my own feelings on the intellectual property issues involved. DeCSS has similar issues. So I'm going to steal a couple of links. Via Dave Winer, A CNN article that points to DeCSS mirror sites, in violation of the judgement the MPAA just got, which is particularly ironic because CNN is a subsidiary of Time-Warner which is a member of the MPAA. In the past few Dave also pointed out some other wonderfully ironic goofs made by AOL subsidiaries throughout this whole mess. Also seen at Dave's site and at the weblog of Rafe Colburn, the DeCSS source code set to music as an MP3 which I haven't played 'cause I've never bothered to set up a player. Rafe also points to proof that Sony doesn't get it, in threatening to block Napster[Wiki] at all sorts of places they don't understand that as long as people can communicate with each other files will get transferred and shared. Those in the entertainment industry: Wake up, there's a reason your consumers hate you, and if you piss them off more you're only hurting yourself, no matter what the short-term benefits.

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