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jesus dress-up

2000-09-22 23:14:14+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

I can't believe that Eric didn't put this here himself: Jesus dress-up. And can I just point out that this is a total reaffirmation of my atheism, 'cause if there is a Christian god I am so going to hell for linking to this...

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:30:18+00 by: ziffle

I recently spent a lot of quality time surrounded by thousands, if not millions of atheists. It was very enlightening. They were not the 'hardware' or 'anti-christian' atheists we have in the US, but were wonderfully oblivious to the whole notion. But then they have not had to endure the non-stop nonsense from the US Christians. It takes a lot of work to cast off the aweful shadow that US Christians and others cast over the culture, but when you have done it, it's very freeing. Truly in the end there are no gods, but 'so what'? The issue then is the energy we must use to deflect the nausiating barrage of Christianity that pours forth from their unthinking, blindly assuming, undisciplined minds. It is such a waste of time, and yet must be done to keep morally and emotionally centered in the midst of the blather they generate. So when I see you (Dan) comment upon the possibility of some god sending you somewhere it seems obvious to me that it is a waste of your precious energy and I feel your pain, even if you have sublimated it to never-never land. I am against paying reparations to the descendents of those who were harmed in the past, but if there were ever a use for the idea, it is that we now, and future citizens as well, are surely entitled to payment for the damage Christians and other god types have done to the millions of minds over the centuries. A special tax on Christians for damages? Such a delicious thought. Punitive damages too? Aahhh - clouds in my coffee ... back to work.. Ziffle

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:30:19+00 by: bookjunkie

Jesus Dress-up! Ha! ha! ha!! Thanks for livening up a lousy day.