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2000-12-02 19:10:02+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

A Salon article on amateur wireless networks based on 802.11b. I've been wanting to install 802.11b at the office, at home, and talk with the guy who runs the coffee shop I hang out in (It's cool to walk in on a Saturday morning and have two guys in the back crankin' out the blues...) about a hub there, but I think that there are still some antenna issues in using 802.11b in a standard PCMCIA slot. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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#Comment made: 2000-12-03 23:39:36+00 by: dws [edit history]

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:30:40+00 by: dws

It's kinda hard to confirm or deny "some antenna issues". My local coffee shop has 802.11b, donated by a generous patron. I've spoken with a number of folks who use 802.11b in my favorite coffee shop (http://www.live/com/datastreet for the lurid details), and they seem happy enough. Most use the Lucent Orinoco card. The hub looks to be using the standard Lucent antenna. I'm guessing that it's attached to a Lucent card in a PCI adaptor slot in the hub box.