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making money on the 'net

2000-12-11 19:09:58+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

A couple of people have been talking about last night's 60 Minutes about making money on the 'net. CNET Radio[Wiki] this morning, and Dave Winer's take give me a little of the flavor of the show, and I think it points out the obvious: The whole point of the 'net is to connect people together. If you're one of the economic leeches that survives by placing impediments between the producers and consumers, ala car and cell phone salesweasels, most brokerages, and the like, then the 'net is working to make you obsolete. The point of growing an economy is making people more productive, removing the impediments between the free flow between people who make stuff and people who want stuff. If, long term, you want to make money on the 'net, do something productive, don't assume you can get in between the producer and consumer and take a cut, 'cause the 'net is about getting around you.

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