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Dancer in the Dark

2001-03-06 16:03:51+00 by ebradway 1 comments

This is a belated post but I didn't know if I actually wanted to write about it. I went to see Dancer in the Dark last week. It's a macabre Lars van Trier production starring Bjork. If you are a Bjork fan, it's a must see. She was beautiful in the role of the gradually going blind Czech mother in earlier 70's Seattle. I won't say more because I'd have to give away the plot. I recommend waiting for the video just so you can pause the movie and take a good reality check occasionally - otherwise make sure you have plenty of Prozac on hand. I've never been so depressed in my life...

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:15+00 by: ghasty

It's one of those films that's been on my list to see. And, of course, the extra bonus is Bjork in general...