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John Muir Trail, TN style

2001-04-22 01:57:44+00 by topspin 2 comments

Today is John Muir's Birthday, a fact I didn't know until I searched for that link. Serendipity lives and life is good! I hiked a 4-5mi piece [from the Powerhouse to Coker Creek] and back out of the 18+mi Hiwassee River portion of Muir's famous 1000mi walk.

Multiple wildflowers, a coupla good sized black rat snakes, numerous lizards, frogs, and views of the Hiwassee River that prompted Muir to write:

All the larger streams of uncultivated countries are mysteriously charming and beautiful, whether flowing in mountains or through swamps and plains. Their channels are interestingly sculptured, far more so than the grandest architectural works of man. The finest of the forests are usually found along their banks, and in the multitude of falls and rapids the wilderness finds a voice. Such a river is the Hiwassee, with its surface broken to a thousand sparkling gems, and its forest walls vine-draped and flowery as Eden. And how fine the songs it sings!

from A 1000 Mile Walk to the Gulf
I wish I had pics, but I'm "non-digital" so those will have to wait.

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:36+00 by: Dan Lyke

Dang it, now I'm extremely jealous. Went out to the Tiburon peninsula to do some bouldering, but all the poppies and other assorted wildflowers don't make up for that area alongside the Hiwassee.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:36+00 by: topspin

<temptation mode>
I neglected to mention that tomorrow Susan and I will probably do either Coker Creek Falls Trail or the 4mi portion of the Muir from Hwy 68 to Coker Creek (where I turned around today.) I bet you know that area too.... the orange/red azeleas.... that funky upside down columbine.... and plenty more I can't identify.

As always, Dan, I'll buy your ticket..... one way, of course. <evil grin>
</temptation mode>