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A personal note

2001-04-30 20:15:46+00 by Dan Lyke 9 comments

I've noticed that my Flutterby entries recently have been fairly non-personal. There's a reason for this. On Friday, Todd and I finished cleaning out the Coyote Grits[Wiki] offices. With the .com downturn we weren't finding work for that mix of people, and decided it was time to try other things. We wanted to kind of keep it hush-hush 'til we were sure that we could make everyone we still owed something to happy, and I think we've done that. So I'm job-hunting, looking around to see what's interesting, finding if there's anything in the tech world right now that really fires me up. I've got a few prospects, but if anyone's got ideas for neat projects that coincide with my interests, give a holler!

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:38+00 by: Pete

What gives, Dan? No smug comments about BA's?


#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:38+00 by: Dan Lyke

Sure, why not! Gee, it's great that us tech folks still have a job market. I did notice that my barristas are getting more educated though.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:39+00 by: ziffle

You could see this as a delicious moment.

Its not often you can stand back and see the mountains -- I have had it happen once in a while...

So, my suggestion is that you are being premature. You don't need the money - you have no responsibilites - and the world is your oyster - so travel. Take a year off.

Take your passport and book a flight to Iceland, then Amsterdam, then Paris, then China.

Find a reason to go places, like photography, sex, drugs, rock and roll, or something not so worthwhile, like a job interview in England (tax deductible?) or teach graphics coding in India; there you would be a celebrity if only for six months, then move on.

Savor the moment, Luke, let the (Source Code) force be with you.

Your lifes work will appear to you while you are traveling. So many women, so little time.

ObOneKenObi "Be One"

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:39+00 by: ebradway


I whole-heartedly agree with Ziffle. Why wait until you're old and decrepit to take serious time off. You should at least consider spending the summer on the Ocoee! The season's just starting. Maybe a summer on the Ocoee and a couple far reaching expeditions (can you say Yangzte?) in the fall...

Or how 'bout that trip up PCH in a convertible. You just happen to know someone with a nice Porsche 911 Targa who'd lend it in a heartbeat.


#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:40+00 by: Dan Lyke

Kinda appealing idea, but I think I'm hired. Although I'm working through some issues over the company, I'll be working with people I know and respect and like. We're still haggling over the specifics, but they're interested, I'm interested, and there are potentially some really nice up sides.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:40+00 by: TheSHAD0W

Working with friends, IMO that's even better than taking a vacation. :-)

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:40+00 by: Larry Burton

Just don't find yourself looking at 50 with a long list left of things you always wanted to do.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:40+00 by: debrahyde

Yeesh, like life ends at fifty. I have older brothers-in-law and they're enjoying their 50s in ways they couldn't in their 30s and 40s. Deferring the fun doesn't automatically mean you're gonna mourn it as you move past middle age.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:31:40+00 by: Larry Burton

No, but some things become a whole lot harder to enjoy in an older body. I'm saying that from experience. I'm into my second half of my 40s and I realize that there is no way I'm going to check off running with the bulls in Paloma from my list. I wouldn't stand a chance of making it. Dan, on the other hand, is just barely past his prime. If he hurries then he can still check that one off his list. ;-)