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Jezebel's Joint

2001-05-27 19:54:51+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

On Friday we went in to Jezebel's Joint ("the bar for Doms & Daddies, Strippers & Trannies") for the party celebrating the Bay Guardian Sex issue. Not quite the right venue, far too many people squeezed into a space that wasn't broken up into a way that let us hear the speakers, although there were a couple of fun lip-syncing trannies who got the crowd going, and a couple of good stories, Charles Anders knows how to hold an audience, Carol Queen retold the story I heard at Perverts Put Out[Wiki] last weekend. I do think I want to go back and hang out at Jezebel's more often, it was an interesting and fun crowd, and we had some good conversations.

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