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2001-09-21 17:11:22+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I've mused before that perhaps it's wishful thinking, but we seem to be involved in a consciousness shift about government and hierarchy. If government is an illusion in the mind of the governed (thank you Robert Anton Wilson), then human cultures should start to evolve self-organizing entities to acheive goals. There has been considerable attention paid to the quality of weblog response to the WTC bombings, how various interested 'blogs got images and reports in a much more coalesced and cogent manner than most of the big media outlets. Of course the attacks themselves seem to have been much more self-organizing than previous attacks. Obviously we've seen self-organizing behavior with San Francisco's Critical Mass[Wiki] bicyclist rally. And Open Source software seems to be a step towards self-organization and self-motivation without centralized control. No conclusions yet, but I think there's an idea there that bears some exploration.

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