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.NET support of SOAP

2001-10-25 18:39:37+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Dave Winer discovers that SOAP is Microsoft misdirection. Sorry, Dave, but anyone who's tried to use a non-Microsoft browser or media player on Windows can tell you that Microsoft is not interested in interoperability, and anyone who's followed, say, the whole Direct 3D[Wiki] versus OpenGL[Wiki] thing understands that they'll blatantly lie to distract developers. Watch the hand that doesn't have the ball in it, because that's where the ball is.

Correction: Microsoft's support of SOAP is a misdirection. In Dave's clarification he notes:

Now if I take off my SOAP hat, I have to say if MS achieves interop in SOAP, it would be a milestone, and unusual behavior for them, and newsworthy.

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