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Link and Think

2001-12-04 16:13:17+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

So Brad changed "A Day Without Weblogs" to Link and Think. My past observations of December 1st have been about links to the work of artists living with or who've died of AIDS, but specifically not in the "Day Without" theme, and though I'm still wondering about the relative attention HIV gets compared to various other diseases, I thought the change needed to be supported. Then I lost connectivity over the weekend. Oh well.

But in that spirit, go read Brad's account of a eulogy for a friend. 'Cause Brad's verbal rambling is always good reading.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:33:32+00 by: TheBrad

Thanks, sweetie. ;-) Ya got a bum link there, BTW. Should be: specifically not in the "Day Without" theme.

#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:33:33+00 by: Dan Lyke

And thanks back atcha! I think it's fixed now.