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Windows travails

2002-01-02 19:39:27+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Todd has reported some Windows XP stability issues (If I remember right, new Sony hardware, Windows XP[Wiki] factory installed, Windows XP[Wiki] goes boom!), but as part of the whole Xmas break I ended up doing a fresh install of 98[Wiki] and some tweaking of ME[Wiki] and another 98[Wiki] install. All that crap about Windows[Wiki] being easier to install and upgrade Linux? Unmitigated bullshit. The only difficulty differences I can see between a stock Debian install and a 98[Wiki] install is that you have to make lots of application installation decisions with Debian[Wiki] for applications that are completely separate in '98, and there's a good chance that 2.4 kernel drivers might actually work without tens of reboots and lots of tweaking. Oh sure, the 98[Wiki] install seemed like it was going to be trouble-free, but then I tried to add a sound card to that machine... Sigh.

At least there's credible evidence that Windows XP might be gay (scroll down a page), which would make it much easier to get along with...

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