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2002-02-25 23:26:45+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

[Butterfly] Charlene and I have had bizarre schedules recently, to where we've been reduced to "hi/bye", and "I spent hours slaving over this meal, I hope you enjoy it, I've gotta run". So this morning I took a few hours off and we went hiking up Cascade Canyon. Other images will follow this week, but to start off: The butterflies were numerous, and amazingly still. This was taken with the point-n-shoot, and I doubt I'll ever again have a chance to get this close to one that kept its wings spread for as long as this one did.

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#Comment made: 2002-02-26 12:49:25+00 by: meuon

Almost looks more like a moth. Nice shot for a 'point and shoot'