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Dan's New Car

2002-03-05 21:51:28+00 by Dan Lyke 8 comments

So Todd thinks I need something big enough to tow with, Larry thinks I need a truck, I'd like something that rides like a sedan: The Cadillac Escalade looks like the answer. Read the above when you won't feel self-conscious about breaking out in giggles.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-03-05 22:05:47+00 by: Larry Burton

Maybe this one isn't quite for me but I sure would love to rent one for a weekend. ;-)

#Comment made: 2002-03-06 00:50:28+00 by: TheSHAD0W

Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, steers like a cow.


#Comment made: 2002-03-06 13:25:28+00 by: meuon

That was the best review of a vehicle I had read in a while. Hilarious. I'd love to be in the bar, when he discovers that the guy next to him actually bought one. On a practical note: the Subaru Forrester that Andrew has is gaining a lot of popularity with the 'practical vehicle' crowd.

#Comment made: 2002-03-06 14:34:37+00 by: ziffle

but is it 'you' ?

#Comment made: 2002-03-07 07:23:34+00 by: rodolfo de hamsteaka

the subaru forrester is very dorky.

saturn has a new SUV style vehicle that you might want to check out. it too is very dorky, but 6 cyl, 4wd and IMO drives much, much more like a car than the Lexus or BMW or Acura SUV vehicles. ...and costs 1/2 as much. If you want something that can tow like a truck and drive like a car you should definitely check out the saturn thing...

#Comment made: 2002-03-07 16:21:00+00 by: Shawn

I've been enjoying my new Outback Sport. Don't know about the towing capability yet - maybe in a few years (need something to tow first ;-) But the Forrester is the stupidest looking thing I've seen in awhile. Like an SUV that's been chopped off at the knees. It seems to be very popular with women [mothers] though. I don't know if that's the "practical vehicle crowd" meuon is talking about or not.

But then I thought the Escalade looked kinda cool...

#Comment made: 2002-03-07 19:23:05+00 by: alecmarlow

Dan, i know ware u live if u get that car i will come and slash ur tires ^^

also i don't know if u have played gta3 but a radio commercial in the game, advertising the 'Monbotsu Monsterosity' sounds like somthing u would like ***get an atv(with aquadic drive/swim)*** babo

#Comment made: 2002-03-08 20:59:47+00 by: TC

Hmmm I think I am being baited here. Very cool car review in spite of which, the caddy is cool...uh "Hey watch this! it has a new gizmo thingy

Alec: you spend too much time typing instant messages. I fear the literature your generation will turn out (on cell phones).