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2002-03-15 20:26:23+00 by Dan Lyke 6 comments

That's sick! I wish Debra had a better way to link to archive entries, because this way I have to explain that no, I'm not condemning any of the various sexual activities that she links to and talks about, I'm severely disturbed that her "son and husband are having a Rexx programming session". I once co-wrote a Mandelbrot generator in Rexx, and it left me scarred. Very scarred.

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#Comment made: 2002-03-16 04:54:01+00 by: debrahyde


I dunno.... My son did pretty well in programming his "Feed me my favorite meat" game. And my husband likes it for simple .bat utilities, like one he's making for me so I don't have to command prompt my way through a file compression utility, techidiot that I am.

Do you dream in machine language at all? Just wondering.


#Comment made: 2002-03-16 19:43:08+00 by: Dan Lyke

Actually, from what I remember of Rexx it's a decent little scripting language. It's just that the last time I used it was on a computer that was already 10 years obsolete, on terminals that... well...

Dang it, now I'm going to start saying "when I was a kid, we were glad to have interactive terminals without a 'send' key"...

#Comment made: 2002-03-17 21:44:45+00 by: petej

<curmudgeon> Interactive terminals?! They were like butter compared to RJE stations! </curmudgeon>

#Comment made: 2002-03-17 22:51:15+00 by: Dan Lyke

Re dreaming in machine language: I don't think I've gotten to machine language. Mainly because by the time I was working on projects that really occupied me I had an assembler; I can still remember various 6502 opcodes (A9 B1 4C FD ED, although I may have reversed the address of the Apple ][ BIOS COUT), and I used to be able to hand assemble 8051 as well, my 80x86 machine language was mainly limited to being able to patch a running program in a debugger to test a theory (ie: bypassing a loop gone wrong). But I have dreamed in assembly. 6502 (back in high school, probably when I was diddling with the gawdawful modulo 7 thinking that the Apple Hi-Res mode used) and 80x86 (during the days of tuning the codecs for Toy Story Animated StoryBook).

Every once in a while I have one of those "wait, I've devoted neurons to that?" moments. This is one of those moments.

<curmudgeon mode="dick size war">20 key keypad, 0 through F, GO, SST, RST, STP, and a 6 digit 7 segment LED display. "And we liked it!"</curmudgeon> Although nothing will ever make up for the trauma inflicted by MVS-JCL. Thankfully, I've forgotten nearly all of that.

#Comment made: 2002-03-19 19:17:40+00 by: petej

Crap. I guess I get to lose two contests in a single posting.

#Comment made: 2002-03-19 19:21:50+00 by: Dan Lyke

I dunno, Pete, anyone with early terminal experience can beat my KIM-1 stories fairly easily...