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Sun sucks!

2002-04-11 02:05:15+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Sun sucks. The StarOffice 6.0 Beta that Charlene's been using expired. They sent me a patch notice, which I forgot about. Today Charlene fired up StarOffice[Wiki] and couldn't work. I went to the URL sent in the patch notice. It says "Portions of sun.com are temporarily undergoing maintenance. During this interruption, these service-related sites are available:". I go search for "StarOffice patch". I get a single StarOffice[Wiki] 5.2 sell sheet. I go to www.StarOffice.com and click on "Download". It pops up a new window saying "Sorry! We couldn't find your document."

I like this product. I've used it enough that now I want to buy this product. But Sun[Wiki] won't freakin' let me. A clue: If your hardware is massively overpriced and your OS is getting its clock cleaned by a free alternative, consider making the products you sell that don't suck available to potential customers. Your shareholders will thank you. Off to go see if OpenOffice has Windows binaries to get Charlene working again.

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