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1998-10-01 07:00:00+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I've got two goals on the back-burner with Flutterby. I created it because I was checking in on http://www.scripting.com/ every day but wanted a resource that touched my interests, and kept me up to date on the recurring sites I like to read, and I eventually want to make it a collaborative effort, allowing site reviews from everyone and doing some interest matching. I also wanted to do more writing, and while I'm doing a bit of that, not nearly as much as I want. But on the former, while I don't yet have the interest matching stuff happening, people are starting to play with newwwsboy, the software I use to run Flutterby. One such is Glenn Dixon, whose take on the world is a bit different from mine. Note that there's been quite a bit of improvement in the software recently because of daily correspondence with Glenn, so if you download it and have trouble getting it working, contact me and we'll work through it.

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