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Odeon Bar

2002-05-10 16:04:07+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Nathan, Julie and I went to the Odeon last night to vary the Scotch Night venue a bit. Kiki was supposed to make it, but flaked, and Ruby joined us later. Fun place, well-run painted black dive bar in the early evening, with Khyla the Jamaican bartender who did a fantastic job of keeping the conversation along the bar flowing. The entertainment was late, I left at eleven after the first warm-up act, a lithe young woman doing a straight-jacket escape routine on the shoulders of two audience members. The featured musician sounded pretty good (albeit eclectic), so I'm sorry I couldn't stay, but school night and all. Anyway, there will be future expeditions down to that end of the mission, that was fun!

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