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Audiophiles gone wild

2002-05-31 16:22:08+00 by Dan Lyke 8 comments

This week's NTK pointed to this wonderful explanation of generation loss in digital music include some media recommendations:

Maxell 700 MB silver top for more detailed highs, Maxell Music gold for a fatter, more solid mid-to-bottom. Fuji 80 Minute Audio cds are my next favorite, Sony and Memorex 700 MB are close, the BASF is in there...

Next week: Benchmarking different CD-R media and oxygen infused copper alloy monitor cables to see which gives you higher frame-rates on your pirated games.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 05:56:29+00 by: Pete

I can't decide who needs a beating more, that clown or the guy I heard use the non-word "expediate" in day 3 of a conference that, more than anything else, seemed to have been an experiment in weapons-grade boredom.

Probably that clown.

Hey, remember when we made fun people putting green rings around their CD's? No everyone will have to do it to keep from locking their CDR drive.

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 12:40:28+00 by: meuon

It's on the web, written up in a nearly plain HTML page, doesn't this mean it's all true?

"700mb sound better than 650 mb" has me rolling.. :)

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 17:30:10+00 by: TC

but let's not forget that gold is a very fast color. it can also turn you 32x CD into 64x.....weapons-grade boredom!!! I love it and will therefore steal it

#Comment made: 2002-06-03 04:28:46+00 by: ebradway

The audio CD doesn't provide and error correction, am I correct?

If so, it is possible to get different outputs from CD audio players reading different brand disks. This used to be quite common in that consumer CD audio players were completely unable to read CD-Rs. CD-R drives can read and write them consistently because of the quality of the optics and stability of the drive.

But somehow, I doubt that any audiophile owns a CD player that can't correctly read all the bits off any CD-R - probably better than the CD-R drive that wrote it...

#Comment made: 2002-06-03 16:38:05+00 by: Jerry Kindall

Audio CDs have error correction. Not as much of it as data CDs, which is why you can get 74 minutes of audio but only 650MB of data on a regular-size disc.

#Comment made: 2002-06-04 17:34:09+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yeah, that works out to 64 minutes of .WAV time. But in playing with paranoia with a well-kept CD I've yet to see it read different things different times. The errors seem to happen mainly if you've scratched the hell out of the disk. A good padded sleeve probably makes a lot more difference than the media brand.

#Comment made: 2002-06-07 13:20:28+00 by: Dan Lyke

David Chess linked to a motherboard with vaccuum tube audio output.

#Comment made: 2002-06-07 22:27:33+00 by: meuon

OK..a tube, high voltage, high heat.. and high power. I dug for more info, but can't find it. I want to know what tube they are using, and why. A 12ax7, a 6a6? Hmmm... subwoofer?