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Appropriation of symbols

2002-05-31 18:36:23+00 by Dan Lyke 6 comments

Maybe I'm just not enough of a player, but I was in the bathroom where there's a copy of Rolling Stone, in which is an ad for the Hard Rock Hotel which consists of a big picture of three women clad in leather, posing pseudo-seductively on a roulette wheel, wearing collars and holding riding crops menacingly. I'm pretty vanilla, but doesn't the crop kinda contradict the collar? Poser frat boys as target audience, I guess.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2002-05-31 19:23:39+00 by: Dan Lyke

It occurs to me that I've seen a phrase for the newbie-dom-wannabe in search of sub-hot-bi-babes, but I'm at work and can't search for it right now...

#Comment made: 2002-05-31 20:17:12+00 by: TC

I thought you were tunneled out to your proxy server? If there is a problem with Dagny you can use Atlas or Artifex for your surfing. Could those girly girls be switches?? yup, I've been reading from Debra's suggested reading list.

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 00:58:33+00 by: John Kenneth Fisher

As someone rather into the scene, no, they are not mutually exclusive to many, though there of course are some who wouldn't mix the two in their own personal play.

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 02:56:50+00 by: Dan Lyke

I'm aware that plenty of people play switch, it just seems like not many people switch that quickly.

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 05:11:33+00 by: meuon

Ya'll take your sex games WAY to seriously.. :)

But it's also sad that Rolling Stone and/or Hard Rock Hotel would not pay better attention to proper perv fetish fashion. Mixing Sub and Dom is a faux paux of a perv poser. but then.. They still write about KISS as if it matters what they do.

#Comment made: 2002-06-01 17:01:53+00 by: TC

Ummm. Maybe they are very obident subs and the dom is lazy so they need to "punish" themselves?? Maybe it's poser frat boy D/s but isn't that a valid genre/scene too?