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Job update

2002-06-25 13:04:03+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

The hardest bonds to loosen are the ones I tie myself. The toughest bit about my first day at the new gig was rearranging my thinking, going from working on a platform which does development right, but on a project which strongly restricted my methods of solving problems, to Windows, on projects where "make it work" is the goal. Today I'll be struggling with running escapes through WIA drivers to talk directly to the USB bus because the WIA[Wiki] drivers in question only do a part of what we need the hardware to do. So, ironically, I'm having to dig through open source software to figure out how to make Windows drivers work. Hmmmm. I'm glad Todd's picking up the slack link-wise, though, as I'm not going to be doing much web surfing in the next few.

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