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Burning Man Christmas

2002-07-19 18:05:30+00 by TC 3 comments

So 37 days left before Burning Man and the excitement and panic begin. Somehow I procrastinate all my projects to right before the event and in keeping with that tradition I won't start work on our burning man vehicle for another 10 days just so I can get the panic butterfly feelings just right. I'm starting my wish list too... oh Santa?

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#Comment made: 2002-07-20 03:37:02+00 by: meuon

Panic? I am looking at being away from the 'Virtual Building' and my lifeline of bandwidth and technology with a recently assembled 'A-team'. they are trainable, and good people, but this network (8000+ hosts) is almost an extention of my soul. Damn you todd.. I was going to bring a Santa suit. OK, Not really.. but Santa in the mall never had THAT happen. Only in Santa's fantasies unless you believe Santa is Satan. In my preparations, I beta tested the cart for my bicycle, and had to fix some things. Yes, I made it myself from scrounged parts from wheelchairs by taking my cart to Nightfall. Had a blast, but need to make a better 'trailer hitch' for my bike. I've also been pricing solar panels and ways to keep keep my laptop and digital camera alive.

37 days? 30... I have a 3 to 4 day drive (anyone want to share a ride?) and am trying to figure out how to pack my life essentials, plus a battery powered theremin (with an unique interface that will make you laugh, grin and try it) a couple of home made people powered vehicles and misc toys into a crew cab F150 truck. Add water and it may just not fit (well) ;)

If I could... I'd leave early with a lot of tools and stuff, and find a project or two to help with. If Ya'll are going to be there early, and want a tool fetish nutcase to help with things, yell.

37 days... gosh I have a lot of work to do here first. I fantasize about two weeks where a cell phone does not ring... and I am not at fault because someone did not get their friggin e-mail.

37 days.. I need more time.. life sucks and then it passes you by, but I have already but a $50k price tag on not making it. One guy laughed. I did not grin. he said.. "are you serious?" I said "yes, if your last minute project need to be done then", it will cost you $50k. he decided it'll wait until (if) I come back.

37 days.. I need a week just to weld and make things work...

#Comment made: 2002-07-22 19:28:39+00 by: Dan Lyke

Meuon, if you want to be there early, get in touch with Kiki, use my name, email me if you want me to do the preliminaries. She'll have plenty of stuff to work on and clout to get you through the gate before it opens on Monday morning. And Kiki wants us all to collect pictures and stories 'cause she'll be working too hard on Egeria to be bouncing around the playa, so we'll all have reason and motivation to be her eyes and ears.

But this is harsh desert, a week there will probably be enough.

Don't worry about power for the laptop and the digital camera, if we can't find a couple of milliwatts here and there off the Firetown grid to keep the geek toys charged we aren't trying. I'm going to bring a few changes of oil and air filters for the EU2k (40 hours between changes), when it's not running Todd's barge we'll be blending drinks and charging toys, and a couple of other Firetown projects have power requirements such that a watt here or there isn't going to get missed. Yeah, I know, it's not as cool as solar or wind everything, but I'm way the f*ck behind on my projects, what with the new job and all. Power for the theremin, everything else will work itself out.

And bring the Santa suit. There's always a chance that someone'll sit on your lap and tell you what they really want.

#Comment made: 2002-07-23 02:43:27+00 by: meuon [edit history]

My work related projects are demanding enough that I may not get much done beforehand either. But I am trying. I'll try to bring some 'juice' somehow as well, the truck needs another battery and solar cells anyway, just for my around town construction and computer use.