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Birds of a Feather?

2002-07-25 17:29:03+00 by TC 1 comments

I was actually going to watch CSPAN for entertainment value(how often can that happen?) but missed it. Seizing the opportunity to be a weasle or perhaps grasp at his last 2 seconds of his 15 minutes Gary Condit votes to keep Traficant in office. The vote was 420 to 1 ....

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#Comment made: 2002-07-25 18:54:49+00 by: petronius

Condit's voting for Traficant may be a rare case of two fully independent yet simultaneous flameouts. Irrespective of their supposed crimes, both guys wandered into minefields of their own planting. (Damn, I better watch those metaphors!) Condit's attempt at a minor coverup looked far worse than any actual evidence against him. Traficant discovered that the line between "colorful character" and "asshole" is very thin indeed, and ends up just pissing people off. I wonder if he is now wishing he had hired a real lawyer who could have gotten some of those innumerable affidavits he kept referencing into the record.

Condit maybe feels that since his career is over, he might as well add one more footnote to history.