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Party aftermath

2002-09-30 15:41:51+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

[Pie at 54 Willow] Ages ago I was mountain biking with Eric up on Springer's Ridge, and as we came back to his house, Mike Kite's band was setting up in Eric's barn, and life felt like it came right out of a beer commercial. I'd hoped to repay the surreality, but Eric and Asha were out too late on their trip down the coast. Anyway, two police visits later we had a really fun party. Tom and Tyler did most of the legwork, we met a lot of our neighbors, the band was good, reminiscent of the Dead, although the jam sessions weren't really happening too much. And yes, the neighbors up on the far hill were within their rights to complain, but it was a really well done loud.

Sometimes audiophiles who insist on dragging a genuine Hammond organ and a Leslie along actually do know what sound is about.

The band was Pie, and I forgot their schedule at home but they're worth a listen, I might even be able to get some downloadable stuff online later, and I'll get dates and places for their next few appearances up here soon.

I smoked a pork shoulder and a couple o' chickens, Tom took the habañeros from their garden and made a great barbecue sauce that took me right back to Tennessee, and we met a bunch of new folks. Great fun.

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#Comment made: 2002-10-01 18:13:28+00 by: ebradway

There's a point where the same liberals who would want to move to Marin County start crossing into fascism... I thought that enforcing the speed limit for bicycles in Fairfax was brutal - Asha and I got back around 9pm Sunday night and there were no signs left of the party (Dan and Charlene were hiding in the living room with the lights out). Who calls the cops on a neighbors party before midnight?