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Headlands Hike

2002-11-10 22:20:39+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

[structures on Hill 88 in the fog]Hike this morning was supposed to be a short jaunt from Fort Cronkhite up to the old Nike missile site on Hill 88 and back down (Someday I'll have to figure out where the Nike site in the Marin Headlands that's being restored is). We made it up just fine, but on the way back down didn't have the landmarks, and ended up over on the Tennessee Valley trail, a ridge over from where we expected. Then the rain started. And the climb back along the coastal trail was brutally steep.

[Battery  Townsley tunnel entrance]It was kind of cool doing this hike with two people who hadn't explored all the leftovers from World War 2 and the Cold War, bunkers, holes, gun placements and missile sites strewn over the hills, and we managed to not drop back to the usual Sunday morning hike talk, about batteries (what else do geeks fret over?), until... well... we came back to the entrance of Battery Townsley.

Anyway, we got back a bit soggier, had another great breakfast at Winship Restaurant in Sausalito[Wiki], and all was good.

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