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2002-11-12 01:25:53+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Since we've decided flying over the Thanksgiving break for a 1 day visit with my family is not going to help us de-stress, I've been planning a vacation closer to home. Charlene wants to be surprised, so I can't post the planning stages to the front page of Flutterby or she'll read it. So, Charlene, don't read the comments here...

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#Comment made: 2002-11-12 01:48:16+00 by: Dan Lyke

Still putting together the vacation, I wanted something really flexible in a place where we wouldn't feel obligated to do anything. So we're going to stay in California and head down to the Santa Cruz mountains and hang out in the redwoods. There's Henry Cowell State Park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, a few other wide open spaces, I want to go back and see the working Shay at Roaring Camp Railroad, although if they happen to be running the other one (I think it's a Heisler?) the day we're there I won't complain too much, and if we really run out of things to do we can drop down into Santa Cruz.

The first two days we'll be staying in the Tree Top Penthouse at Felton Crest Inn, moving to the Redwood Room for the final day. Yes, I know, but I did the scheduling and the haggling today, then the proprietress called back and said "I missed on the schedule that...", so we get total cush luxury for two days, and just cush luxury the last day.

I've called and left a message to get Thanksgiving dinner at the Tyrolean Inn, and made reservations for Friday for Ciao! Bella!! (yes, all three exclamation marks are part of the name), I can't find the review that got me interested in the latter, but it's all about singing and dancing wait staff and tacky decor. Here's a Google search for reviews that'll give a flavor... Just making the reservations was an experience.

I want to avoid the feeling of "have to be there", but anyone else got suggestions for the Felton/Ben Lomond area, or even as far afield as Santa Cruz?

Now I have to plan for family visits on non-holiday weekends.

#Comment made: 2002-11-13 03:48:44+00 by: dws

At the top of the Roaring Camp Railroad, across from the picnic area, there's a 3rd generation "fairie ring" of Redwoods. Bring a camera.