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Leaky excuses

2002-11-15 16:42:31+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Someone, I forget who, had a link to Joel Spolsky's essay Leaky Abstractions. Bram has a rebuttal that says exactly what I wanted to say:

You may notice that all the Microsoft tools are left to the end, right before the claim that the law of leaky abstractions is dragging us down. This essay isn't about API design, it's about software apology, an attempt to claim that all software is inherently bad hence it's okay that Microsoft's is bad. Like any good microsoftie, Joel starts with the assumption that the (very flawed) tools he uses are completely acceptable, and works backwards from there.

Can you tell I've been doing contrasting lots of Windows XP and .NET development with Un*x development recently?

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