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airships & cityscapes

2002-11-22 14:18:02+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

[Setting sun reflected off San Francisco] Yesterday evening we were sitting in the office, admiring the clouds and the setting sun, when out in the distance someone spotted a blimp. The shot looked like it would be cool enough that Phil, Ruby and I dashed to the roof (who knew that would be such a long run?) and tried to take some pictures of it.

[Sanyo blimp in clouds] Phil snapped pictures with my S100[Wiki] while I scanned the sky with my video camera. Unfortunately the clouds hadn't yet developed the color of later in the evening, and my little point-n-shoot doesn't have much of a lens on it, so this is about the best we got. But the whole sense of the thing approaching over that skyline in that light felt like some art director was playing with us.

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