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San Francisco Auto Show

2002-11-28 00:31:57+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

[Dragon Smoke csx2357] Went to the San Francisco Auto Show with Phil, Ken and Ruby today. Rather a bust. I think I took this blurry picture because I liked the design, but aside from the Shelby tribute, which had the car to the left, "Dragon Smoke", CSX2357 owned by Janet and Drew Serb, most of it was about cars to make fun of. Too many cars which came with high spoilers that suggested that a shag carpeted dashboard should not be an option.

[Vehicles for a South American] When we walked by this display, Ruby broke out in "Don't cry for me, Argentina". I wondered why anyone would want to advertise themselves as an assasination target. The car that says "someone wants me dead".

Land Rover had their small little thing that looked like a Honda[Wiki] CRV clone. Mitsubishi or Daihatsu or somesuch had something that looked like what might happen if Hummer had a H1/2. Mercedes had that yellow convertible that screamed "I'm a lawyer with size issues". Ford, I mean, kinda, Jaguar had various Taurus[Wiki] incarnations. Mitsubishi[Wiki] and Nissan had vehicles that had garish colors and those over-populated stereo displays, even playing music with that heavy bass; the only thing missing was the neon light around the base.

I didn't get the right angle on this one, but the new Thunderbird[Wiki] is... well... pretty fly for a 2003 model. It was missing the funk with the wawa pedal, but I'm sure that was just because nobody cared because... well...

Because the show was basically just a large showroom with less annoying salesweasels following us around. For my $7 I wanted hype! I wanted flash! I wanted concept cars and half-naked babes!

Oh well.

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#Comment made: 2002-11-28 13:44:10+00 by: meuon

It also looks empty. Locally, a small factory making repro street rods is doing well hand-building pseudo-one-of-a-kind rods for $40k to $$ - With the prices of barely above average factory cars in those ranges, these guys have a waiting list.

And yes.. there should be 'furniture' draping the vehicles, I'd figure that in San Francisco you would have both guys and girls accessorizing the vehicles.

#Comment made: 2002-11-28 17:47:20+00 by: Pete

If it concerns cars and you want it done right, look to the Germans: http://story.news.yahoo.com/ne...y2&u=/021128/168/2rvix.html&e=16