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PG&E: long blackouts

2002-12-19 17:47:09+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

The swells coming in off the Pacific this morning were big, although the captain was on top of things with the throttle and we never got that "airborne crashing" feeling, the ferry did its share of pitching and heaving, and even docked in San Francisco the gangplanks were doing a lot of sliding around. Which says to me that the storm coming in this evening will probably be the equal of what we got last weekend. Even with no snow or ice, there were traffic lights still out on Tuesday, which made me wonder about how PG&E stacked up against other electricity suppliers; I grew up out in the woods in upstate in New York, and I only remember one or two outages as long as ones that seem routine in Marin. Today The Chronicle confirms: Yes, we do get more blackouts / Outages also last longer than elsewhere, study finds.

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