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2003-01-31 20:15:41+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Scoble linked to Sascha Corti's takedown of Sun's ".Net is Not" bit. In it, Corti says:

"Drop the .NET brand?' Did he mean 'Rename the next version of Windows?' He may want to have a look at the .NET Framework...".

From a Mercury News piece on Microsoft dropping .Net:

``We haven't done the best job being clear on branding,'' a Microsoft spokesman said. ``We started slapping .Net on too many products.''

Which is true. I don't know what "dot net" is any more. However, if it's the glorified forms editor known as the ".NET Framework", I'd just like to point out that when I need an example of some of the undignified cruft that I've dealt with in my career that I can talk about publicly, that's it. To some of us, .NET had the promise of being new ways of transferring data and communicating between applications. To find out instead that it means more buggy layers of abstraction and loss of functionality is kinda disappointing.

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