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Allchin on Google

2003-02-28 19:04:15.063814+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

Scoble had a couple of entries linking to people talking about Jim Allchin's comment that "Google's a very nice system, but compared to my vision, it's pathetic". Great, so we've got a company who's idea of innovation, as far as I can gather from what's been leaked about "Longhorn", is reinventing PerlFS, dissing Google now for something that may or may not be out in the future. That's the usual Microsoft "stop innovation by telling people we're going to stomp them with marketing" attitude. And I don't care what light you cast it in, "compared to my vision, it's pathetic" is arrogant to the Nth and the sort of thing we generally hear from the aging blowhards at SciFi cons.

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#Comment made: 2003-02-28 20:51:09.989937+00 by: Dan Lyke

And /. points out today that Allchin said that disclosing Windows source could damage U.S. national security:

"It is no exaggeration to say that the national security is also implicated by the efforts of hackers to break into computing networks," Allchin testified. "Computers, including many running Windows operating systems, are used throughout the United States Department of Defense and by the armed forces of the United States in Afghanistan and elsewhere."

And Microsoft has just given the Windows source code to China.

#Comment made: 2003-02-28 21:13:41.066478+00 by: Dan Lyke [edit history]

#Comment made: 2003-03-01 15:44:31.530784+00 by: meuon [edit history]

Dang. You beat me to the MS-Code to 'China' links. - They say they have also offered it to others, including the US.. but the other companies have not agreed to the 'fine print' and terms of the MS-GSP (Government Security Program).,, As China does not play in the same copy-right/intellectual property arena as the rest of the world, I am suprised that MicroSoft did this. My guess would be, China may realize how good their Linux efforts are after playing with MS-Code and this won;t change a thing. Linus Torvalds and crew may become a national hero in China. Personally, I like the idea of China (or any country) investing effort into Linux to make it better for their language, culture, and ways of doing things.

Dan, if you can't already get it.. , next time you go to Hong Kong,, can you bring back some MS-Winders-Source CD's?

Note: I love Sci-Fi Con's.. Best argument I heard that almost came to blows at the last one was two "Klingon's" debating over the pe-federation monetary system of the Klingon Empire. Oh.. and the costumes on the girls..

#Comment made: 2003-03-01 17:43:56.491859+00 by: Dan Lyke

Wow. I'll be her Jabba the Hutt.

I'll keep my eyes open on the source CDs. I think it was on the /. discussion that someone mentioned that there were some restrictions on building, and if that's the case how do you verify which source is used?