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Sacred Profanities

2003-03-02 22:58:51.33232+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

After a day in San Francisco, we headed over to Berkeley to catch the opening of Sacred Profanities. It was somewhat disappointing. The stand-outs were the David Steinberg photographs, but in general the rest of the images and sculpture focused on the genitals and missed the emotion. The party was a little too crowded, so we bailed to go to the movies back in Marin.

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#Comment made: 2003-03-03 18:04:42.99592+00 by: meuon

"...missed the emotion" - I still think that without part of a 'face' or at least a very specific body posture, most of such images could be medical texts.. or a bad 'how to' book. You are absolutely right, without the emotion, or at least the ability to convey the emotion, it's nothing more erotic than scratching an itch. - The bliss on the face in this pic.. and the stretch.. is more erotic to me than a good 'crotch shot'.